Strawberry Gin Basil Smash Pack

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Summer is almost here and with it comes delicious summer cocktails. This week we've got our hands on some delicious Rainfall Distillery Gin infused with Southern Forests Pinot Noir & Strawberry. Hailing from Western Australia's beautiful Southern Karri Forests, Rainfall Distillery are truly a gin lovers dream. This amazing gin is packed with the delicious sweetness of strawberry, to the rich dry notes of Pinot Noir.

This perfectly balanced Gin is an absolute must have for any home bartender or mixology enthusiast. 

Pack Contains:

  • 1x Rainfall Distillery Gin Infused with Southern Forests Pinot Noir & Strawberries 700ml
  • 1x Giffard Strawberry Syrup 1000ml

Watch the full video here