Drift away with this Hawaiian Martini recipe!

Are you ready to add a little tropical flair to your next happy hour? Then we've got just the thing for you - the Pau Maui Hawaiian Martini. Made with Pau Maui Vodka, blackberry syrup, fresh lime juice, and fresh pineapple juice, this drink is bursting with flavour and will transport you straight to a sunny beach in Hawaii.


At Drinksup, we love the balance of sweet and tart flavours in this cocktail. The Pau Maui Vodka adds a smooth and mellow taste that perfectly complements the fresh pineapple juice, while the blackberry syrup gives it a deliciously fruity kick. And of course, we can't forget about the lime juice, which adds a refreshing and tangy twist that ties everything together.



Hawaiian Martini

  • 45ml Pau Maui Vodka
  • 20ml Giffard Blackberry Syrup (or liqueur)
  • 10ml Fresh Pressed Lime Juice
  • 45ml Fresh Pressed Pineapple Juice

Now, let's get shaking!

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake it like you mean it. Give it a good 12-15 seconds to make sure everything is well combined and chilled to perfection. Double strain the mixture into a chilled coupette glass and voila! You've got yourself a tropical paradise in a glass.

So whether you're sipping it poolside or enjoying it with friends at your next backyard BBQ, this libation is the perfect cocktail for any occasion. It's easy to make, refreshing, and packed with tropical flavours that will transport you straight to the shores of Maui.

So go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think! We promise you won't be disappointed. Cheers to good cocktails and good times!