Giffard Caribbean Pineapple Liqueur - Premium

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France's No.1 Syrups and Liqueurs

Lustrous gold with aroma of freshly sliced pineapple rings. Complex blend of pineapple flavours including buttery roasted notes, flame grilled pineapple, candied notes, fresh juice and spice. Exceptionally long finish of candied pineapple, spicy rum and vanilla.

Caribbean Pineapple is made in France by a fifth generation family established 1885. Traditional maceration using fresh pineapples ripened under the Caribbean sun, candied pineapples, and 7 year old Caribbean Rum. 

Perfect straight over ice, or in high quality cocktails. Use in place of pineapple liqueur to take mixed drinks to the next level, or in place of sugar to add a touch of the tropics to just about any drink.

Rated 4.5 Stars on the renowned Difford's Guide.

Vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO, no preservatives added.