Giffard Fruit Puree Coconut 1L

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Fruit For Mix

When you need a fruit puree, use the best. With more fruit than other purees on the market, Giffard Coconut Fruit For Mix (1L) is the best option for adding real fruit to cocktails, smoothies, shakes, desserts and more.

Appearance: Off-white coconut flakes blended with dense coconut cream.

Aroma: Tropical and refreshing coconut water, with heavier creamy notes.

Taste: Rich, indulgent coconut cream carries through to fresh coconut flakes. Finishes with lightly-toasted coconut notes. The experience of the whole coconut: flaked flesh, luscious cream, and toasty shell with every taste.

Vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO, no preservatives added.