La Dama Blanco - Mexico's first Organic Tequila

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39% ABV | 700mL

This glitzy bottle is from La Dama, and holds within it an organic unaged Tequila! 

Distilled from blue Weber agave, the distillery also makes a huge effort to protect its surroundings and ecosystems.

The ranches where the agave is grown monitor and preserve the local flora and fauna, the bottle is made from recycled glass and surplus agave fibers are used to create bottle labels and paper. A top Tequila that also does some good, too!

Aroma: Pear, lemon and rosemary, with wafts of smoke, autumnal spices and cooked agave.

Palate: A striking balance of fruity, herbal and sweet caramelised agave. A delightfully silky, creamy texture, finishing with warm and clean, with hints of chocolate.

Process: Cooked inside traditional masonry ovens for 72 hours. Fermented with wild yeast. Double distilled in a small community owned distillery in Tototlan; the land of the birds.

Each artisanal, diamond-shaped bottle is created from “useless, forgotten scraps” of recycled glass. What was seen as wastage, is given a new, beautiful life.

La Dama is committed to aiding the local community: paying the highest industry wages, and donating educational resources to local schools with each bottle sold.