Ron La Progresiva de Vigia

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La Progresiva has a soul that sings with old Cuban rum traditions and a DNA infused with a forward way of thinking. It’s in this clash we find the perfect blend. A perfect blend of 5, 9 and 13 year old rums to sip, pure and undiluted. Through aging and blending in central Cuba, La Progresiva acquires the light yet complex taste of typically Cuban rum, a tribute to the women master blenders of Vigías expertise and craftsmanship. Earning this rum the Vigia seal that remains a mark of Cuban quality and adorns every single bottle of Ron La Progresiva.

This dark amber rum has touches of sweetness and cooked citrus fruits on the nose. The taste is sharp with tobacco and spice up front, leading into smoky caramel and vanilla notes then finishing long with flavours of fruitcake spice and molasses.