2 x Whiskey Row 18th Century Whiskey Deal

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Now that's a Black Friday DEAL !!!

Two bottles of Whiskey Row 18th Century Whiskey (750mL) for close to 30% OFF !!!

Whiskey Row 18th Century Straight Bourbon 750ml  

40% ABV

Whiskey Row Eighteenth-Century is a Blend of Straight Bourbon recipe that follows the early tradition with prominent corn like the early settlers.

High corn mash bill, honey hole selection.


Sweet and crisp flavors distilled from Ohio Valley corn mellowed with the essence of vanilla and caramel, maple syrup, naturally extracted from new charred oak barrels for an authentic honey hole expression.


It is a blend of high corn bourbon whiskey and four-grain bourbon whiskey from 1-2 distilleries, all of which have their own proprietary yeast and mash bills. All barrels are at least four years old.

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